Music for Seniors 

Over 500 facilities served since 1995 in PA, DE & NJ

Bach to Berlin
Is Cindy really 28? Find out in this humorous concert of classical & popular music.. . from Bach to Berlin!*

Now & Then 
Porp tunes inspired by classical themes. Includes other famous melodies. 

The Show Tune Show
Tunes from favorite shows like The Sound of Music, Oklahoma!, South Pacific, My Fair Lady & others.

Light Jazz & Blues Program
Fats Waller, The Duke and other cool cats !

Cindy McGrath


Michael McGrath


Flute & Guitar

Cindy & Michael

A Sampling of Some of Our Programs . . .

Piano & Cello

Cindy & Michael

With humor, interaction & surprises.
They'll be humming as they leave!

We come to them with


room to room or for meals

Musical Entertainment for Seniors

  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Care
  • Dementia Units
  • VAs
  • Adult Day Care Centers
  • Senior Centers


Room to Room

Personal Attention

Flute, Keyboard, Guitar, Cello or Fiddle

Vintage Tunes
Alice Blue Gown, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Deep Purple & other tunes your mother used to sing.
Romantic Music...Remember When?
Tailored to bring back memories of happy events like their first dance, their first love, etc.

Classic Show Tunes
Famous tunes by Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hamerstein, & others. Residents are invited to name the tune and/or show, interact or sing-a-long.

Piano Pops & Light Classics
Show tunes seasoned with light Classical Melodies.

The Classical Piano Program
Chopin, Brahms, Beethoven, Debussy & the gang.

Classical Music From Around the World
Classical music by composers from around the world.

Popular Music From Around the World

Popular music from Italy, Spain, Ireland and USA

Bridal Theme Program
Memory lane from courtship to the golden years

Newer Music For the Young at Heart:
Music of the Superstars: 40s to 60s Sinatra, Streisand, Elvis & Friends 60s, 70s & 80s Music Burt Bacharach, The Beattles, Johnny Mathis, Phantom, Les Miserables, et al.

 Mealtime Background Music Benefits:

  • no need to transport back & forth for an activity
  • soft background music is conducive to appetite & digestion
  • no need to coax residents out of their room for an activity
  • minimum effort & maximum enjoyment

Guitar Pops & Light Classics
Why does everything on the Classical Guitar sound Spanish? With humor & wit find out why. Familiar classical & pop.

The Classical Guitar Program
The 'authentic' Classical Guitar - Albeniz, Bach, Beethoven Chopin, Debussy, Guilanni. 

The Gentle Yet Passionate Spanish Guitar
Warmth and tenderness to blood pumping Spanish excitement! . . . Ole!!

Country Show

Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and the gang

Rock & Roll Show

Late 50's & early 60' including Elvis!

Discounts for:

  • Multiple dates
  • Scheduling when we are in the area
  • Mealtime background music
  • Monthly Specials

Background Music for Events


Classsical / Pop Guitar

Flute & Guitar

String Quartet


Maple Leaf Rag

Maple Leaf Rag, Edelviess, Chpoin Waltz, Phatom of the Opera, Cheek to Cheek.Light Classical and well known tunes.

Sinatra, Streisand & Friends

Tony Bennett, Louis Armstrong and of course memorable tunes by Frank Sinatra & Barbara Striesand

Cindy's Trio, Flute, Electric Piano, Cello

Clasccical Trio includes 'mystery' Flutist with generous selections of favorite well known tunes.